Welcome to my hood!

I’m really excited to have you here, what took you so long??

I’ve been looking forward to having you here for a while now and it’s such an honor to write this to you. http://www.sinmisolany.com is a hub that holds in it my thoughts, fears, lessons, and triumphs as I journey through life. 

I know fully well that our gifts and insights are meant to be shared and not hoarded in a box for safe keeping and so that’s exactly what I’m doing here, sharing them all. It’s my prayer that these words and columns will be a source of true inspiration, entertainment, and encouragement for you. 

Let’s begin!

You can find out more about me here

Take a peek into my mind, read about my thoughts on my faithcareer and some of the things/people that inspire me.

I’m very big on partnerships and sharing so please feel free to holla at me. I respond promptly (most of the time)!

Enjoy… xX,

Sinmisola NY.