Arese Ugwu

Arese Ugwu is the founder of a personal finance blog Smart Money Africa. It is a platform that provides high quality content and action tools tailored to Africans. She holds a B.Sc. in Business and Management from Aston Business School, Birmingham and a M.Sc. in Economic Development from University College London.. She is also an alumna … More Arese Ugwu

Olatorera Oniru

Olatorera Oniru is an accomplished Nigerian entrepreneur and development speaker who is driving growth and innovation across Africa. She is popularly known as the founder and CEO of strongly promotes made in Africa goods with the goal of retailing only the best 20% African designers. She travels across Africa and beyond in search … More Olatorera Oniru

Ada Osakwe

Our WCW for the week is one who has worked in three continents and travelled to over 30 countries in the course of her career before finally moving back home to Nigeria. With a track record of embracing opportunities and tackling challenges head on, Ada Osakwe is one woman to watch. Ada Osakwe is currently … More Ada Osakwe

Amy Jadesimi

Amy Jadesimi, is the Managing Director of the Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL), Nigeria’s only indigenous-owned deep offshore logistics base. Dr. Jadesimi attended Oxford University Medical School, from which she graduated as a medical doctor (MD). After Oxford, Dr. Jadesimi joined Goldman Sachs International in London as part of the Investment Banking Division, specializing … More Amy Jadesimi

Ndidi Nwuneli

They say the worth of a woman is in the value she creates, this woman has created so much value that I literally almost drowned in it. Writing about Ms. Ndidi Nwuneli was a spiritual process for me because of the depth and weight of richness she carries. Please read with you heart and mind … More Ndidi Nwuneli

Sola Olaniyan-Bright

I was recently offered an opportunity I didn’t feel worthy of because it was really BIG. I told my Mum about my fears and she asked a question that really set things into perspective for me… “Isn’t BIG what you want?” Sola Olaniyan-Bright for me serves as a reminder that if BIG is what I … More Sola Olaniyan-Bright

Funto Ibuoye

When I started following iFunto (as she is popularly known) on Instagram, I was so curious to know why she attracts such a large and active follower base on social media. I was not disappointed. This woman is proof that wisdom and impact is not a function of age but rather commitment. I have learnt and … More Funto Ibuoye