Adventures in Kano

I have been fascinated by Northern Nigeria for a very long time. I first caught this ‘fascination bug’ during my first year in Junior Secondary School. I chose Hausa as my second Nigerian Language elective and my teacher Mrs Ahmed was an absolute delight! The classes were fun and enlightening even though now that I … More Adventures in Kano

Big Moves 2017

Hey Guys!! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? *face palm*. I know you missed me and you can bet I’ve missed you more! I trust your 2017 has kicked off on a good note? Well it better have because approximately we’ve used up 12% of the year ALREADY! The good news is … More Big Moves 2017

NYSC Diaries (Part 5) – Learning To Trust

NYSC Diaries is a 6 part series on my blog to commemorate my successful completion of the mandatory National Youth Service. It’s me sharing the stories, experiences and lessons I gathered during the year. Some will be serious, some will be funny, and some almost unbelievable. The one constant thing though is the faithfulness of … More NYSC Diaries (Part 5) – Learning To Trust