#DearBrandManager… Follow the rules

Processes exist for a reason. Whilst sometimes your organizations processes can seem really long, cumbersome sometimes downright time wasting. They’ve been put in place to help you work efficiently and effectively.

Those awfully long pre and post activity evaluations are important to ensure your promotions and activities yield result. Those stringent procurement procedures on vendor registration and negotiation are necessary to help you get the best deals.

Writing detailed briefs to agencies are important because they give clarity. I know you think you can explain your idea/strategy well enough verbally but trust me, you will miss out on a few things if you don’t put it to writing.

The truth is, we run away from process sometimes because it takes a level of discipline and time management that we often are unable to uphold 100% of the time. Next time you feel like your organization’s processes are a hindrance, please take a moment to think about the benefits/good intentions behind them. They’re designed to enable you and not cripple you.

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