#DearBrandManager… Stop robbing people.

One of my goals for 2020 is to grow spiritually. This goal has been a recurring one for me in the last 2 years and not much has changed so this year I decided to do things slightly differently. I signed up for a bible course!

This is undoubtedly one of my best decisions of 2020! I loveeee it! Part of the course requirements is to read 3 books. There is one particular one that’s literally a gold mine! It is so enlightening, I keep asking myself “Where has this book been all my life”!? I mean, why on earth have I not heard or seen this book before now?

Today, I took a good look at the cover of the book. Honestly, without knowing what I know now, if I see that book in a bookstore virtually or physically, I will not buy it. The cover of the book is so uninteresting; it looks nothing like what’s on the inside.

This is why Marketing is a non-negotiable; in fact, I dare say that Marketing is a social service. Just as much as it’s about making profit for businesses, it’s about ensuring that consumers; YOU and I, don’t miss out on great product and service offerings.

As marketing professionals, we carry a burden of responsibility knowing that every time our brands aren’t well positioned; every time our products or services aren’t properly communicated, we rob consumers of the opportunity to enjoy something beneficial to them (whether they realize it or not).

Our job as marketing professionals is to ensure that people do not miss out on helpful resources that will be beneficial to their lives. It’s not just about making profit for the businesses we work for.

It’s about enriching people’s lives…

It’s about making life easier for people…

It’s about giving people one less thing to worry about…

This my friends is why I take my job very seriously.


2 responses to “#DearBrandManager… Stop robbing people.”

  1. so Sinmi!sola! what’s the name of this book!!


    1. lol. It’s called the Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Kevin Dedmon


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