Small scale development; a waste of time?

I often get questioned about the effectiveness of the mini outreaches I engage in to drive change and solve the human and economic challenges of Africa.

Does going out to feed people a few days a year really eradicate hunger? to what degree?

Does giving a few 100 young ladies sanitary towels in rural communities really End Period Poverty?

Does galvanizing young Nigerians to exercise their voting rights tackle the issues of corruption and insecurities around Elections in Nigeria?

Does training a few young people on digital skills without guaranteeing them access to technology really ensure we have a future-ready workforce?

My answer is simple. We must not allow the magnitude of our problems paralyze us. Yes, we will arrive at our desired destination of change faster if we deploy large scale solutions to these large scale problems. However, that does not discredit the place of driving small scale solutions in small communities as we are able to. I believe that our small efforts can and will add up into widespread change. As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Besides, development is an ongoing effort and not something that happens at the snap of a finger. It is a commitment towards ensuring our tomorrow is better than today. It is a commitment to sowing seeds big and small towards this “future” so that soon enough they grow into a tree. It is a commitment to keep lighting up little fires of change and fanning them in hopes that they will explode into a fierce raging fire that will sweep through our motherland.

My name is Sinmisola and I fully committed towards this cause. I will busy myself doing what I can in the most efficient and effective way to drive the growth and development of my country and continent. What I will not do is keep my N50,000 in my pocket because it cannot accomplish what a N5,000,000 will. What I will not do is keep quiet because my voice does not yet attract the attention of the big media houses and the ears of the people in power. While I am yet developing the capacity to drive massive change, I will keep driving change at my level. I will be the answer to someone’s cry for daily bread today whilst I gather momentum towards being the answer to the problems of an entire generation.

This is my stand on development.


One response to “Small scale development; a waste of time?”

  1. I recently was thinking about something similar to this – can NGOs and other small scale development projects really create the future we want, while the government looks on? The answer I ended up with was and is still NO. In spite of how good and impactful these projects are, we still need the government to take genuine interest in development in all regards because there are more resources with a wider reach.
    As you rightly said in your post though, the fact that we can’t change everything doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on changing the little we can. Hopefully, the little drops we add will come together to make a mighty ocean in the near future.

    Nice post Sinmi, and well done!


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