Showing Up For Life

It’s funny how I and my BFF Temilola Adeleye met; It was back in University, I was going through a heartbreak (please don’t ask me what or who broke my heart, some things are best left in the past lol…) we had been introduced shortly before so we were acquainted but nothing major.

Even though we weren’t so close, she noticed something was wrong with me and tried to help. She had no idea how to comfort me but one thing she did, again and again, was show up. She showed up in the morning, showed up at noon, showed up at night. She barely spoke any words when she was around but her presence was enough comfort.

Another one of my best friends Sisters is Anne Noah. When I was in university I dabbled in presenting and show hosting. I remember my first gig in school, it was my first year and I had an amazing opportunity to present Spotted; a show around fashion and lifestyle. It felt like my big break!! Anne was there at every point. She was there during rehearsals, makeup, everything! She was neither the photographer/makeup artist or producer but she was there, she chose to show up and her presence gave me lifeee! It was such a confidence booster.

I can’t count the many other times Anne, Temilola and other friends and even strangers have shown up for me. One thing I can do is describe how it feels every single time they do; they’re the wind beneath my wings.

I just finished reading a book by Bill Gates Snr (The father of Bill Gates) called “Showing Up for Life”.

Mr Gates opens up the second chapter of the book with a Woody Allen quote 80% of success is showing up”. He goes on to say “A few years ago, I received an award from the YMCA. The day the award was to be presented, I looked around the crowded ballroom wondering why those people were making such a fuss over me. The only thing I could come up with was that I show up a lot”.

All through the remaining pages of the book Mr Gates talks about how showing up has led to him succeed as a father, husband, philanthropy and responsible citizen of the world.

The book teaches of how Showing up is the first step towards achieving your goals, but more so, it shows the astounding impact our showing up can have on those around us.

It was upon pondering on the lessons learnt from this book that I remembered those 2 instances of my friends showing up for me that I spoke about earlier and then I realized from my own experiences, the profound impact showing up can have on people. I honestly can’t agree more with Woody Allen. YES, indeed 80% of Success is showing up. Not just in the area of building sustainable relationships but in building a career and any other endeavour.

You really never know what you will find when you show up. Before I joined PZ Cussons in 2017, working at a Consumer Goods company was just not within my consideration set. I was going after oil money lol. I was invited to come in for a test and after “dragging leg”, I just decided to show up and use the test experience to prep for the other job opportunities I was actually interested in.

The decision has fast become one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career thus far! As I wrote here, it’s been one of the most eventful and rewarding experiences I’ve had. I would have never imagined things would turn out like it has; thank God I showed up!

This year, I want to succeed at building healthy relationships, adding value at work and contributing my quota to building humanity. And finally I know where to start; I’ll just show up!

I’m going to show up for family and friends, by cheering them on, celebrating them and just being there for them as much as possible.

I’m going to show up for Jesus by fellowshipping with his people and serving towards the advancement of his kingdom as a responsible child.

I’m going to show up at work not just physically but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually! (Yes o, we are going to be praying those business objectives to fruition).

I’m going to show up for my community via participating in and volunteering on the many change projects around me.

Will you join me?


Sinmisola Xx..



16 responses to “Showing Up For Life”

  1. Chidera Ohamobi Avatar
    Chidera Ohamobi

    This is what I plan and hope to do this year.
    Beautiful piece Simms x


    1. Yay! #TeamShowUp
      Thank you for reading ❤


  2. I can totally relate to this!!! I always try to make myself available and show up for people and it always goes a long way in helping them. It is also the best you can do in most of the situations you will find yourself in.


  3. I never knew showing up was so effective. I definitely need to embrace this habbit. Thanks for sharing this Simisola.


    1. Gemmm! I have a huge smile on my face right now.
      Thank you for reading ❤


  4. Wow, amazing piece Simi!!
    Definitely going to be deliberate about showing up … Thanks for sharing ❤️


    1. Ngoziii! Thank you so much for reading.
      Glad you found it helpful


  5. Definitely joining you! I’m going to be more intentional about showing up. I’ve seen this work too many times in my life and at this point I not only want to show up, I want to show up prepared for what I need to do!
    This was a great read Sinmi! 💕


    1. Yess! So with you on taking it a step further and showing up prepared.
      Thank you so much for reading Chizzy!


  6. Amazing piece. Sometimes you just stumble into opportunities that your only explanation was showing up.


    1. You know this!! Thank you so much for reading ❤


  7. Yes to showing up more this year 💪🏼💪🏼


  8. Very insightful piece Sinmi. I’m definitely showing up more this year!


    1. Deann! Thank you so much for reading ❤


  9. Adefolake Adekola Avatar
    Adefolake Adekola

    What a beautiful piece sis! Learnt a lot reading it. Keep writing


    1. Thank you so much Folake.
      Thank you for reading tooo


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