Introducing “Simple Truths; lessons from the secret place.”

The heart is the lifeline of the human body. Touch the heart and you’ve touched the very essence of the being.

The place of fellowship with God is MY HEART; the very essence of my being where I draw my strength and purpose. It’s my control tower and base of operations without which I cease to exist.

From this secret place of prayer and fellowship I draw living water from the streams of salvation. Therein I find joy, peace, strength, fulfillment and wisdom.

Of recent I have felt a tug in my heart to share some of the “Simple Truths” I receive in this place. They are Simple Truths that tell of who Jesus is, what the kingdom of God is like and who we are in Christ.

Every week, I will be sharing a Simple Truth with you on the blog. I pray that as you read them, you will find life and your walk with Christ will be strengthened.



Sinmisola NY.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rachaelcoker says:

    Expectant. God speaks all the time and i know He will speak through you as you share


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