Big Moves 2017

Hey Guys!!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? *face palm*. I know you missed me and you can bet I’ve missed you more! I trust your 2017 has kicked off on a good note? Well it better have because approximately we’ve used up 12% of the year ALREADY! The good news is I’m back and will be with you for the remaining 88% of 2017. So help me God!

2016 was an amazing year and I spent quite sometime thinking through the things I did and the things I fell through on. came on top of by great achievements list! The blog… Our blog (yes, I feel like you’re a part of it too) was launched in September of 2016. Four months and 50 posts after, we recorded 9,000 views and 3,200 unique visitors from 47 countries across 5 continents. Those are pretty humbling statistics for me and that’s why I spent the first 10% of the year thinking and coming up with better ways to add value to ever member of this community and I’m confident that what’s coming will totally be worth the wait.

One of the reasons why I stalled resuming blogging this year was this blog post from my Blogger mentor Kacheetee.

(Side note: Kachi recently celebrated 1 year of blogging a few days ago and I’ll use this opportunity to say a very big well done to you on your hard work and consistency in curating the best content that have myself and thousands more live more intentionally and have fun in the process. You rock!)

I got thinking deeply about the purpose of this blog and where I was going with it (vision). I realized that last year the blog content flow was more “churn it out as it comes” with very broad focus area(s). This was because I genuinely did not know what areas qualified as my “forte” but this year thanks to growth and the push from Kachi, I have identified 2 additional focus areas we will be running with this year! *dancing* Here they are:

  • Career
  • Faith

This does not in any way rule out spur of the moment blog posts though; It’s just going to help me add value more ‘intentionally’.

Trust me when I say there’s a lot to come this year and I’m positive 2017 will be a year of exponential growth for the SinmisolaNY community both individually and collectively. Lowkey I just shared a glimpse of the blog goals for the year, wanna share some your goals? Hit the comment button!

Cheers to hitting our goals and adding value while we’re at it! *glasses clinking*





13 responses to “Big Moves 2017”

  1. 🍷 cheers!


  2. Yesssssssss.
    Welcome back dear.

    I started by blog this year, and even though I haven’t really sat down to define what it’ll be about, you just gingered me to do so.

    I look forward to reading an learning from your posts.

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Ihuoma! I miss you!! Please share your blog URL… Congratulations! I’m very proud of you

      Liked by 1 person

  3. *Clinks glass right back at you!!*
    So so humbled that post was helpful to you! I’m so excited for 2017 and all your power moves! I plan to do so much more myself. Most I’m scared yet excited about. But I’m doing it afraid and relying on God! Thank you girl – you actually inspire me!


  4. Wishing you the very best with your goals. I hope we all achieve our goals. I’ve started ticking goals off my list and I’ll be excited to share really soon. Welcome back and I’ll be visiting.


    1. Yay! Thank you Zinny.. I can’t wait!
      P.s you’ve got great content on your blog, we should totally collaborate soon


  5. Simi, we all need to take time out to plan before we go into the year. I’m glad you’ve discovered the direction you want your blog to go. I’m excited for what’s in store.
    Thank God I’m not the only one with scary goals for 2017.
    Some of them include a conference for my girls club YSB(Young, Saved and Beautiful), starting my fashion line etc.
    Cheers to out big moves for 2017💃😎


    1. Those are fantastic goals!! The girls club sounds so cool, Do share more information. I’m definitely looking forward to affordable clothing options from you 😉


  6. Nice. When you say “Faith”, do you mean the Christian or secular definition? Will like to read stuffz on that topic.


    1. Christian all the way! I would like for you too read them too.. Just stay tuned 🙂


  7. Happy New year Simi! I have ‘lowkeyed’ watched you from afar and I really admire your zeal and passion. I also have big plans for 2017 as I have decided to do things intentionally, even though situations can be intimidating but we overcome. Cheers to an amazing 2017!!!

    from all time reader, first time commenter.


    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much Tosin (My sisters name is Tosin, so I’m extra excited to meet you).
      We will always overcome!! We can actually keep ourselves accountable on our plans if you want, you can mail me.
      Thank you so much for always reading ❤


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