Who’s In Your Line Of Sight?

A few months back, I was looking through my Instagram timeline and I saw the amazing work @harold_ofure is doing. Now see, this guy has a track record of getting things done. It’s almost unreal. I navigated on to his page and I thought to myself “I need you in my line of Sight”

You see, a line of sight is a straight line along which an observer looks. The objects along your line of sight are not necessarily where you’re going. They’re just what you see on your way there and they go a long way to affect your speed and direction.

For instance, if you’re driving and you see in your line of sight that a careless pedestrian is running into the road, ideally you will peddle down your speed. In the same way if you see someone ahead swerve right because of a ditch, you most likely will swerve right as well and fast simply because the person ahead of you gave that signal.

Is it starting to make sense?  In life, your line of sight determines a whole lot. If in it you have people who are mediocre and passive, chances are you’ll fall in line. However, if you have in it people who just make you go “wow” every time because they’re always ‘stunting’ and challenging the status quo, chances are you will be gingered to do the same.

Let’s get practical. Right now we spend a lot of time on social media and going by my personal experiences; social media has a big effect on my thinking, mood and drive. When I scroll through my Twitter timeline or Instagram feeds, sometimes I find something that cracks me up making my mood lighter or a find something profound that makes me go “mmmmmmmm” and want to take over the world.

What kind of people or things do you have in your line of sight? If you want to be a success, you must have success driven people in your line of sight. If you have the opposite which in this case is mediocre and passive people, I’m afraid chances are that you’ll become just like them.

Looking at social media, if you want to be a comedian or you battle with minor depression and sadness, it only makes sense to have accounts like Kraks TV and Funny Africa Pics make up 75% of your following. If you’re trying to be a successful entrepreneur/career person, have someone like Gary Vee, Richard Branson and Jason Njoku thrown in the mix. You must carefully pick the people and things in your line of sight because they go a long way to affect your destination and speed.

Now, I would like to take this time out to appreciate a few people who in the last one year have kept me on my toes in one way or another

Temilola Adeleye

Best friend of life. In all areas particularly when it comes to spirituality you always have me yearning for more. There are something’s I can’t even try because I know if you catch me I’m gone. On the flip side, there are some things you tell me you’re doing that just have me questioning my ways. Thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

Temidayo Makinwa

Dayo is that friend who when I tell I don’t feel like going to work today will say a few words In response that’ll make me apologize and run off to work. Your work ethics are unparalleled and the fact that you constantly ask me piercing questions that call me to order is just phenomenal. Thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

Ibukun Lawal

Professor! As I fondly call you, you’re one of those people who I have brief conversations with like 3 times a year but leave me feeling some ‘typa’ way. I recall our conversation the other day when you mentioned casually that you’re “going to East Africa to help small holder farmers (the very poor and vulnerable) increase the household income, productivity and reduce hunger and malnutrition in east Africa”. When I read that message I was just weak at my knees. Thank you for reminding me that Life is meant to be lived for others too and not just my own ambitions. Thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

Tobi Olasoji

Tobs!! I remember when I met you that day at the fellowship in Abuja. That coupled with our deep conversations about Gods word and true fellowship is awe inspiring. You encouraged me to start the fellowship in Ibadan and showed me by your actions and words what it means to be a true child of God and Christian in the marketplace, thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

360 Degree Ladies!!
This group consists of 12 amazing young women (I inclusive) who are complete in Christ. Our debates, knowledge sharing sessions and group exercises have expanded my sight in more ways than I can explain. Oyinkansola, Nchedo, Martha, Funmito, Toluwanimi, Gbemisola, Temilola, Boluwatife, Chidera, Comfort and Dami thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.


When it comes to blogging, you are my number one inspiration. Visiting your blog first as a reader and then watching you scale it and constantly improve on it has helped me set a high standard on here. Also attending the ‘Global Nigerians Brunch’ workshop hosted by you and Mariam early this year stirred up something in me. I won’t tell you what it is just yet, but when I finally birth it, you’ll be among the first to know. Thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

My Insta-Friends, Twitter brethren, Medium writers (Charles Eke, Benjamin Dada, Jon Westenberg etc.), website addictions (She Leads Africa, Bella Naija, Huffington Post, Forbes Africa etc.), YouTube Lovelies (LowlaDee TV, Ndani TV, Sisi Yemmie TV, Tosin Alabi etc.) Thank you for being in my line of sight, you’ve made me a better person.

*Pheew* who would have thought this post will morph into a mini award e-celebration? To all the guys mentioned above, again I say thank you. This is in no way an exhaustive list. There are so many other people in my life of sight that I cannot mention for time and space constraints. I just might have this in series so I can appreciate them all but for now I’ll stop here. (P.s I really hope I’ve been able to help someone else as these guys have helped me, if I have please let me know in the comment section so I can be happy too lol.)

I’d like you to take this time out to reflect on your own year thus far, can you think of anyone who has positively influenced you both directly and indirectly? I think now is a good time to appreciate them for all their hard work, you can also mention them in the comment section below and if you’d like a guest feature post on here to specially appreciate them (anonymously or not), we at www.sinmisolany.com are at your service! Just send me a message here and we will make it happen, I’m thinking we can call the series “Extraordinary Ordinary People” because sometimes our ordinary steps are extraordinary moves to someone else. So what do you think? Yay or Nay? Pease let me know your thoughts so I know whether to go ahead or not.

This is one very long post! If you made it to the end, Congratulations! Your attention span is 100%.

Sinmisola NY.


10 responses to “Who’s In Your Line Of Sight?”

  1. Awwww Sinmi!! Thank you so so much for this. So thankful that the little things I do inspire you!

    And yes to the series. We all need the inspiration we can get.

    ps: This was not such a long post. But i guess I do like to read.


    1. You’re most welcome Kachi! Thank you for reading.
      We will see about the series! Hopefully it will come through soon.


  2. My friends and I were discussing something exactly related to this today.

    I thank God that he uses people like you to make things clearer for some of us.

    Keep up the good work Simi.

    P.S I’m sharply going to readjust my Social Media following and put the right people in my line of site


    1. Thank you Ihuoma.. You and your friend should please be in my line of sight! Clearly we are thinking alike.
      P.s I’m so glad you’re going to act on this, that’s the most important thing really.


  3. A lot of the time, I usually want to get lazy with life generally but then I think about how other young people like me are doing something good and impactful and then I go on to remember some of these people and the things they do and how in some way I’ve learned from them, and you actually always come to my mind, you and Temilola (this is not even wash o Simi). So thank you too for being in my line of sight through your writings and posts that consistently have the subject matter of being relevant. You’ve made me a better person.


    1. Sophie you’re gonna make me cry!! Thank you for this baby girl! Sometimes we need to know we are doing something right at least.
      P.s you’re doing great yourself, trust me


  4. Somehow your name dropped on my heart today and I found you on IG.
    Now I know why, I honestly needed to read this post!
    And I agree with this line of sight theory.
    Congratulations Sinmi on growing to be a fab woman.


  5. I found myself nodding constantly and going ‘hmmmm!’ while reading this. Very profound.


    1. Yay! Thank you for reading Oma, I’m glad you liked it 🙂


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