NYSC Diaies (Part 6) – So Far So God!

NYSC Diaries is a 6 part series on my blog to commemorate my successful completion of the mandatory National Youth Service. It’s me sharing the stories, experiences and lessons I gathered during the year. Some will be serious, some will be funny, and some almost unbelievable. The one constant thing though is the faithfulness of God through all the seasons. Enjoy! … xX.

It’s all done! Thinking about my NYSC in retrospect, it all makes sense. It’s amazing how God made all the dots connect seamlessly. I’m soooo grateful to God for so many things and people this year. Some of them are:

  1. My father in heaven! The one who pampers me so much; never letting me out of his sight and embarrassing me with a convoy of guardian angels everywhere I go. My life is yours!
  2. Dearest Holy Spirit, my ever present friend! In this year staying in a foreign land, I found out a bit of what it means to truly walk with you. Thank you for your company and counsel; I will never let you go.
  3. Dad, Mum, Seyi, Wale and Tosin; royal members of the Nojimu-Yusuf dynasty. Thank you for standing by me and praying for me always, I love you deep!
  4. My praying mother! My Princess, my number 1 cheerleader and counselor; Dr. Rosylyne Nojimu-Yusuf, you are my rock. Thank you
  5. My dearest father! The number 1 man in my life, my super-hero and my friend; you are my rock. Thank you
  6. Mr and Mrs. Bamigboye, the amazing elderly couple God used to bless us with a house. You will live long!
  7. Tobiloba Adeniji, I cannot have made it through Iseyin, Oyo state camp without you. I love you so much! Thank you.
  8. My IRREPLACEABLE best friends Temilola Adeleye, Anne Noah, Tofarati Olabenjo and Temidayo Makinwa. You guys are heaven sent.
  9. AMAZING Housemates! I really love you Miata Tucker and Thelma Ohue! You both were answers to my prayer.
  10. My colleagues at DAWN Commission turned friends and mentors! You were all illustrations of God’s faithfulness to me. Thank you.
  11. Members of the Enigma Network fellowship; Taiwo Adeyemi, Itunu Awotoye, Tolu Omolewa, Damilola Araoye, Eyitemi Fasanu, Faramola Fasuyi, Thelma Ohue, Miata Tucker! Cheers to multiple years of friendship.
  12. My WHOLESOME 360 degree ladies; Olufunmito Makanju, Nchedo Chinwuba, Chidera Ohamobi, Toluwanimi Akinola, Oyinkansola Odusanya, Gbemisola Akinsipe, Boluwatifa Alabi, Martha Olutayo, Comfort Samuel, Dami Adeyemi, Temilola Adeleye. I love you so much sissys! Your support was unparalleled.
  13. My Local Government Inspector, Mrs. Awolola, the one God used to link me up with DAWN Commission (my PPA). Your generations born and unborn will never lack help.
  14. All the bike riders, cab drivers, and fruit/food vendors I patronized during my stay in Ibadan. God bless your hustle!
  15. Harvest House Christian Centre! My spiritual home in Ibadan… Cheers to greater heights in the kingdom.
  16. Each and every one of my friends and acquaintances. You guys are a gift. I do not take you for granted.

And of course you, I LOVE YOU.
You know, the great thing about living out a journey is that feeling of contentment and joy when it comes to an end. By the time this is up on the blog, I’ll be well on my way to She Hive Lagos to get inspired and gain valuable tips as I launch into the next phase of my life. The end of every phase marks the beginning of another and I’m determined to hit the ground running.
Thank you for reading.
P.s If this series has blessed you in anyway, please help me tell God thank you! It’s all him.

Sinmisola Nojimu-Yusuf
Ex- Gentleman Corps Member, 2015 Batch B, Oyo state.


13 responses to “NYSC Diaies (Part 6) – So Far So God!”

  1. Congrats Sinmisola!!!! Thanks for sharing and I was really blessed.

    P.s your rat story was really hilarious


    1. Looool! It wasn’t funny then o
      You’re welcome love


  2. I was finally able to open the site and it was worth it.
    I’m happy for you and all your experiences (even the rat ones).

    Congratulations on completing your service year dear.


    1. Yay! Lol.. Even that one!
      Thank you so much, congratulations to you in advance


  3. This is beautiful, awesome, wonderful. I’ve learnt alot. Thank you God and thank you simi for sharing. Remain blessed!


    1. Yay! I’m glad you did, you’re welcome!


  4. Read through the 6 series and twas totally worth it! I like how you’re able to draw up lessons from everything…even rats! Congratulations dear 🙂


  5. Well Done Sinmi!!!


  6. Read through the six stories and I learnt alot…thanks for sharing your experience.


    1. Hi Ifeoma, my pleasure! thank you for reading


  7. Just read the entire NYSC diaries and it was wonderful. I learnt so much and was inspired. Thanks for sharing.


    1. My Pleasure! Thank you so much for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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