Stuff LinkedIn Knows That We Don’t

Sometime ago, I was on my LinkedIn page and I clicked on my messages. Immediately I saw the pop up below.


“Some ideas for conversations”… I LOVE IT!

Regardless of their good ratings, LinkedIn is constantly looking for ways to engage their customers. Asides the fact that this is great marketing and customer engagement what resonates with me is that this simple add-on shows that the company is not allowing itself get too comfortable with its current stats and in business, that’s absolutely genius!

Of course they should not leave their customers to solely think of ways to better engage them 100% of the time when they’re the ones who need their patronage. LinkedIn being very aware of how competitive the tech industry is; have taken it a step further to spoon feed their users ideas on how to better utilize their platform. This I believe is an effort aimed at ensuring the longevity and growth of their company’s current “success”.

You see this lesson applies not just to companies and businesses but individuals as well.

As an employee are you constantly putting your competencies in the face of your employer? Okay so they know you have good social media skills, I mean it’s in your resume plus your colleagues often make jokes about how you’re an “Instagram baddie”. But, are you showing them the various ways those skills can be utilized to increase their bottom line?

The product and service your start up offers is completely genius! But, why isn’t that ingenuity reflecting in your numbers? Maybe it’s time to break down the functionality and feed it to potential customers; don’t just expect them to know.

Let’s take a step back from corporate work to personal life.

How are you securing engagement from friends, family, potential mentors and all? You want that person to mentor you, in fact the person graciously agreed to mentor you but still he/she isn’t really engaging you. Maybe it’s time you suggest to him/her what areas you can be useful.

Are you even aware of your functionality and what your knowledge and competencies can do for those around you? I think you should identify them and put it in people faces just like LinkedIn is doing.

I’ve noticed that everything around us illustrates one practical life hack or the other. The question is, can you see beyond the obvious? I’m starting to hone that skill. My friends say I’m overly analytical, I’d say I’m just curious about the “why” and “what”. Are you? Have you learnt any other salient lessons from LinkedIn or any other platform/person? Are you going to be selfish and keep it to yourself? I thought so; you can share it with us in the comment box below. 

P.s I’ve reviewed the post timing on the blog. It’ll now be one post a week with the exception of post series and features. I know it’s sad but at the moment I have a lot on my plate and I’d hate to disappoint.

Have a fantastic week ahead! And don’t forget to talk to your friends and family about how awesome is.


Sinmisola NY.


2 responses to “Stuff LinkedIn Knows That We Don’t”

  1. Thanks Simi for this. I’ve failed in the LinkedIn thing , but I just got a push in my heart last week to start again. So this is right in time! Waiting for other comments, thanks sis!


  2. Rosylyne Nojimu-Yusuf Avatar
    Rosylyne Nojimu-Yusuf

    There is always something not yet discovered, therefore is important to leverage on our God given to ability to tap beyond the obvious.


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