Lessons From THE SMART MONEY WOMAN BY Arese Ugwu

This Book!!! This Woman!!!!.. sigh

The Smart Money Woman is a fictional story centered around a young woman called Zuri who seemed to be living THE life but in reality was well on her way to jeopardizing her financial stability on the grounds of “Lagos living”. It’s an interesting story with a mix of love, friendship, suspense, humor and distinct lessons.

I’ll be sharing my lessons from this book in two parts. The first part will address lessons from the plot (just a couple of them because you MUST go and buy the book and read for yourself) and the second which by the way is my favorite part; Arese’s execution of the book project.

Part 1: Lessons From The Book

1. Money Is Never Enough

At the beginning of the book, Zuri seemed like she was living the LIFE. Earning 7.2million naira annually seemed like IT. And I thought why did Arese not use a salary range that applied to the average Nigerian? As I got to the concluding part of the book however, I realized that in using that salary range, Arese carefully illustrated that how you spend 10 naira is exactly how you will spend 10 million naira. I like the fact that her earning potential started off as magnificent and ended up as a stepping stone to even greater achievements.

2. Managing Your Finances Is The Gateway To Managing Your Life

This was a major lesson for me. Going by the book and my personal experiences, it’s so clear that financial prudence will teach you the value of money and spur you on to increase your earning potential. This will in turn lead to higher productivity at work, prudent investments and a longing to apply your talents to earn more. Money is good motivator; not just the accumulation of it but also the satisfaction that comes with proper utilization of it.

3. Just Kidding, GO AND BUY THE BOOK.

Part 2: Lessons From Arese’s Execution Of The Book Project

1. Image is Everything

The cover of this book alone is enough to attract people to it. The cover certainly cost more money than the average Nigerian book. I mean, the book screams GLOBAL STANDARD! Arese understands that regardless of how much value is on the inside of whatever project, be it my blog, articles and what have you, If all that awesomeness cannot be articulated externally you will lose a large market share. She did not depend only on her “reputation” alone to sell the book. Without proper branding and marketing, she would have lost the portion of the market that doesn’t know her. Image via top notch branding is crucial!

2. Strategy Is The Other Everything

This particular lesson ehn, I have to hold myself if not I’ll write a whole essay on it; STRATEGY my friend. Arese administered a free 30 day smart money challenge in May this year and over 3,000 people signed up completely oblivious to them that they were guinea pigs used to check if there was really a market for the smart money woman book. What a way to get a proof of concept!

Also, through the 30 day challenge she also was able to acquire the e-mail address of thousands of people in her target market for direct marketing. I mean if you voluntarily signed up for a 30 day personal finance challenge, certainly the idea of purchasing a book that drills deeper into the subject will be welcomed. Do you see the strategy!!

3. Use Your Platform To Champion The Cause Of Those Important To You

Gosh! The PR Arese did in that book. While I am not certain if some of it was paid or not, it was such a smart move. Imagine the loyalty and pride it would inspire in all the people mentioned. Do you think they will joke with her? Tell me, what other way in this life can you show that you value, respect and appreciate your mentors and friends outside championing them on your own platform? How else can you ensure free drinks and everlasting discounts from your favorite restaurant? I mean, this is a book that will outlive Arese and the people mentioned. Is this not wisdom my friends? Do you think those guys will spare anything to help her pursue and achieve her own goals?

4. Employ Smart Ways To Go-To-Market

So many Nigerians have launched books and initiatives with fancy events that just increase expenditure. Did you see the People she got to give awesome reviews about the book? The likes of Bolanle Austen-Peters, Aliko Dangote and Peace Hyde! Instead of spending more money she tapped into the reputation and credibility of her friend and mentors. Money isn’t the answer to every question. There are clearly smarter and more cost efficient ways to go to market.

I am going to stop here now because this post is getting too long. But can you guys see the wisdom that is Arese Ugwu! Can you see why the book currently ranks number 2 best seller on Amazon? As for me I’m done with casual moves. I will do the smart work and expansive thinking required to smash my goals and do things with an extra “umph”. How about you? Do you think I’m over exaggerating? Do you see what I see? Are there any lessons you’ve learnt outside this? Share please.

Now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit down and reevaluate my life.

Sinmisola NY.

7 thoughts on “Lessons From THE SMART MONEY WOMAN BY Arese Ugwu

  1. I especially like this part: “If all that awesomeness cannot be articulated externally you will lose a large market share.”
    Thanks for this review, I’m even more appreciative of it because it didn’t stop at the book, you went on to review the ‘how’… I think i’m off to get my copy now.


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