Adeleke Dolapo popularly known as LowlaDee is a Nigerian filmmaker and the founder of Doreen Media. A graduate of Covenant University, Dolapo runs her lifestyle website and has to her credit several short fiction stories, series and articles online that cut across different genres of life and are loved by many.

Dolapo started writing when she was nine years old.  The “The Little White Hen” is the title of her first book which is currently in use in some primary schools in Nigeria. She wrote her second book in 2006 titled “Flesh and Blood” which fetched her the award of “Best Teen Writer of the Year Nigeria”  by Angles Magazine.

Her Made-For-Television Movie ‘A Place Called Happy’ currently airs on IrokoTV and Mnet’s African Magic Showcase. She is also the brain behind the hit short film “Brave”. Her website, LowladeeTV launching in 2016 is set to host Original TV shows, Dramas and previous works under her belt.


5 Practical Lessons We Can Learn From Dolapo Adeleke

Address The Small Talk

Dolapo was involved in an accident that nearly disfigured her face over 8 years ago. Shortly after the accident, she had to resume school in Covenant University. At that time the scars from the accident were still quite fresh so she resorted to wearing only the fringe hairstyle to cover up majority of the scars. This brought a lot of attention to her as people kept wondering and speaking about her permanent fringe look and the scars. After a while, she decided to share her story in front of the whole school during a chapel service. According to her she thought “just maybe I needed to give a reason for the fringe hairdo and the scars so the stares could stop. It was a huge step for me but I did it and it truly did mark a new beginning for my remaining days in school. The awkward stares and whispers greatly reduced because people now knew the history.”

If all the small talk and rumors bother you so much, address it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. All that “silence is the best answer for a fool” talk does not apply in every circumstance. Yes, there are times keeping quiet is the best thing to do, but sometimes addressing issues can make others better informed and give you the closure you need. If you feel the need to, do it! We live in a society that encourages silence, we are taught to conceal and hide things and this isn’t always right. Especially when it is NOT your fault.


Fan The Potential Of Those Around You

Dolapo was born 6th September, 1990 in Kano. According to her “I grew up always being selected to give speeches, representing my primary school in debates. I wrote my first book ‘Little White Hen’ in primary three. I was sure in high school that I wanted to be another ‘Oprah’. It was my ultimate dream to own a TV show and help gazillions of less privileged people. I had published my second book ‘Flesh and Blood’ by SS2 and even won a national award for it. I was going to achieve my dreams at every cost. What was going to stop me?”

I believe Dolapo publishing those books at a young age and her participating in competitions was only possible because her parents, teachers, family and friends encouraged her to share her gifts with the world. Whenever you get the opportunity, make it a point to encourage someone. Whether it’s your biological child, friends, family, colleague or even a stranger on social media, let’s be quick to applaud and encourage good works. Everyone needs support and encouragement every now and then. More importantly, what goes around comes back around, so as you do this for others, you will get even more in return.


Build A Strong Support System

Dolapo speaking on her journey after the accident, she said;

“I had graduated from school into the ‘real’ world and fantasized about getting my face back through plastic surgery. A part of me did not accept the scars. Through a sponsored trip in 2012 to meet with a successful plastic surgeon in South Africa, I was shocked when the doctor advised me to leave things the way they were. He told me surgeries are 50/50 and no plastic surgery in the world could ‘totally’ take away scars and my face shouldn’t be that experiment again. He advised to invest in professional make up kits; but I couldn’t wear that kind of makeup everyday. Plus it’s not just my thing. The thought of anything going wrong was scary.

I was heartbroken and I remember, Mai Atafo had called me while I was there and for the first time, words of encouragement did ease the pain. He said to me ‘Dolapo those who truly call the shots are behind the camera. In fact I want you to take a nice artsy picture of yourself without the fringe and frame it. By the time you are 27, you will laugh at yourself for worrying so much about scars.’ I will never forget those words. An ounce of courage was added to me.

Also I contacted Kechi Okwuchi, a survivor of the Sosoliso plane crash. She said to me ‘Don’t be afraid. You will be fine’. Hearing that statement from someone who survived with burns on her body and had undergone more surgeries than I had, blew my mind away. It is true that where you problem stops is where another man’s own starts. So hearing ‘It would be fine’ from someone who had been through worse pain, made me believe it will really be fine. I drew strength from her courage and I am riding on!”

Seek counsel when you need it and accept support from others.

Live Through Your Reality However You Want

Speaking on her healing process after the car accident, she said “the inner scars are harder to fight. I still fight it till today. I have been on a fringe since 2007 because of the failed surgery on my forehead. Will I wear a fringe forever? Perhaps it is the Lowladee trademark? Heck! It is my reality. I wear a fringe for me. It makes me comfortable and I realized on time that I owed no one an explanation as to how I want to live through my reality.

I won’t say I’m totally healed, but I am a work in progress. I am still nervous about being in front of the video camera but I am hoping someday I would be courageous enough to film a biopic on my story. “

Don’t worry so much about other people thoughts and words, as long as it is morally right by you, do whatever makes you comfortable. There is no need to rush your process.


Don’t Ever Skip Learning And Don’t Ever Stop Learning

Dolapo said in an interview recently, “The longest film I have made is almost 30 minutes. I am not rushing to make a feature film yet because I am still learning. You must give yourself time to learn. Don’t ever skip learning and don’t ever stop learning. But when you have gotten to a particular stage in your learning process, you just know that you can start and you will not be afraid.”

Dear girl, I know you have massive potential, I know you have big goals but, be careful not to neglect that potential must be nurtured and to attain the goals you must take the steps.

Dolapo’s company; Doreen Media Communications provide creative video content online and offline for individual and corporate brands. The Lowladee Signature Films is the filmmaking subsidiary of Doreen Media created to produce original, premium and inspiring movies for Web, TV, DVD and Cinema.

In 2015, she was nominated under the Best Film Director category of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for her multiple award winning short film, BRAVE.

Isn’t she just amazing! Clearly you and I can push through whatever scars we have (both physical and emotional) and make something out of ourselves. It’s only a limitation if you allow it become one. I would love to hear from you, what was your most striking lesson? And lesson learnt outside this? Please share it in the comment box below. As usual don’t forget to pay it forward by sharing with someone else.

Your Friend,

Sinmisola NY.


This post was culled from the Thresh woman WCW Column. The ThreshWoman WCW is a column I manage with the goal to celebrate and encourage the successes of women all around the world while inspiring other women to chase their dreams fiercely.   


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  1. This is a very inspiring story Sinmisola! I admire Dolapo so much .

    Thanks so much for sharing


    1. Busayooo! You’re welcome love. Thanks for reading


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