Chiamaka Obuekwe popularly known as “Social Prefect” is the founder and CEO of Social Prefect Nigeria, a company that organizes tours, excursions and group travel experiences.  She runs a blog where she documents her travel experiences and writes about tourism destinations within Nigeria and Africa. She also reviews tourist locations, attractions, restaurants and other places of interest.

Her company organizes a series of curated group travel and tour experiences for networking, leisure, education and entertainment. They also provide tour guide services, group tours, corporate retreats, educational tours and school excursions and vacation packages

Before working full time at her company, Chiamaka worked as an online marketing strategist and social media influencer at and Jumia Nigeria. She studied International Relations at Covenant University.


3 Practical Lessons We Can Learn From Chiamaka Obuekwe

Play On Your Strengths No Matter How Silly

According to Chiamaka, She has been a “waka jugbe” since she was young. “My parents caused it, especially my mom. She used to take us to all the fun laces, parks and restaurants as much as she could, in order to give us the best childhood experience and I got hooked on exploring”

Y’know that phrase “passion to profit”? Do you think it’s a joke? Lol. It is not o. Chiamaka has shown that even being a waka waka (regardless of how ridiculous that would look in the strengths column of a CV ) can be turned to profit! 90% of Nigerians may not recognize that as a strength, but they can’t waka like she can and make profit while at it. Imagine doing what you love as a day job? Chiamaka is living the dream and the best part is, you and I can too.


Pay Attention To Your Pet Peeves

For Chiamaka, Social Prefect was born out of a need to tell beautiful stories about tourism in Nigeria and show people beautiful places. She noticed there was a lack of good travel writers telling good stories about Nigeria.  According to her, “on a trip to an African country, I saw so many foreigners everywhere, to be honest; Nigeria has better and more beautiful tourist attractions than that country. I was wondering why they would not come to Nigeria instead. Even the foreigners in Nigeria are not aware of the tourist attractions.  I saw a need to educate people (both local and foreign) about the sites, attractions and beautiful places in Nigeria.

Another reason why I started, especially the tour guide services and tour organisation part was because I noticed that people did not know how to go about organising it themselves and some did not even have anyone to go with, therefore I decided to be that guide for them.”

It’s said that the things that bother you are often signs that point to what your purpose is. For Chiamaka that’s what it was. What drives you nuts? What are those things you irk you that no one else seems to be bothered about? It’s often hard to spot these things, but you can if you’re conscious about it.


Don’t Be Afraid

Chiamaka was recently selected by the Bauchi government for a tourist trip sponsored by the Governor as an effort to get people to Explore Bauchi. During this trip, she passed through a number of states in the “dangerous” northern part of the country.

Sitting here thinking about her business model, I can’t get past the risks involved, I just have to applaud her for not letting fear hinder her from doing what she knows she wants. Are you bold enough to pursue your dreams? Is the fear of running at a loss or no patronage stopping you from starting that business? Or like me, does the fear of looking stupid stop you from putting yourself out there? If you’re truly a Christian, you should know that God said he is with you ALWAYS (Matt 28:20). Don’t you trust God? Just commit your ways into his hands and he will direct your path. He does not fail.


Some of the plans Chiamaka has for her company include launching school excursions and educational tours for all levels of students from primary to tertiary, tailored and affordable corporate retreats for companies, developing an online booking platform where people can book for custom and tailored tours within Nigeria and Africa. Indeed the sky is really the starting point for Social Prefect.

I would love to hear from you, what was your most striking lesson? And lesson learnt outside this? Please share it in the comment box below. As usual don’t forget to pay it forward by sharing with someone else.

Your Friend,

Sinmisola NY.


This post was culled from the Thresh woman WCW Column. The ThreshWoman WCW is a column I manage with the goal to celebrate and encourage the successes of women all around the world while inspiring other women to chase their dreams fiercely.  


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