When I started following iFunto (as she is popularly known) on Instagram, I was so curious to know why she attracts such a large and active follower base on social media. I was not disappointed. This woman is proof that wisdom and impact is not a function of age but rather commitment. I have learnt and I’m still learning a lot from her and I am convinced beyond a doubt that her story will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.

Funto Ibuoye wears 8 hats:

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Professional
  • Chattered Accountant
  • Author
  • Convener
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Wife
  • Mother

She is a purpose driven young woman passionate about helping women live their dreams and fulfill their God given assignments. A graduate of Accounting from Covenant University and a Chartered Accountant, Funto is the founder of The Beautified Network, a for-purpose initiative that is focused on enabling women discover and live in the fullness of their God given purposes.  She authored her first book in 2013 “Beautified” which is every woman’s guide to true beauty, outstanding makeup, exquisite style and pure inspiration. And her second book “The 31 Woman” in July, 2015.


5 Practical Lessons we can learn from Funto Ibuoye

Your Past does not determine your future

According to Funto, She was born out of wedlock. Her mom and dad married separate people and so all her siblings are steps. In her words, “accepting this made me stronger and closer to God. I used to tell myself God wanted me to be fully His so He put me in between 2 families.”

A lot of us need to break out of the hold of our past. Yes it happened to you, you did not deserve it. You were an innocent victim of the error of others, you were young and foolish, you didn’t know any better. But baby girl, that’s not enough reason to allow that past hold you back from achieving your goals and pursuing your dreams. Live above it, you can.


“No time” is an invalid excuse

Amongst other things, Funto is a brand management/marketing professional with an international beauty company; L’Oreal Cosmetics so she has a lot of responsibilities. However this did not and does not stop her from pursuing her unique vision/assignment by setting up the Beautified Network and authoring two books.

When God puts a vision into your heart, nothing is a worthy excuse for you to not follow it through. God will not give you an idea you don’t have the capacity to pursue.  As young women we must start learning to follow through on our ideas amidst our numerous responsibilities. In reality with growth comes an increase in responsibilities therefore waiting for less responsibility before pursuing a goal is choosing not to pursue it. What you cannot make time for now, you will not make time for tomorrow.

You really can’t eat your cake and have it

In an interview when Funto what asked what the greatest price she has paid for her passion is, she said “This would be giving up my career as a Chartered Accountant and pursuing a career which is closer to what I am passionate about.”

She was further asked how she creates the balance between pursuing her passion and her day job, she said “During week days after I get home from work, it’s like I take off my 9-5 hat and put on my passion hat, so most of the time at nights or early in the mornings before work and most weekends, I’m working on my passion projects and then during the week, I’m at my day job. It definitely hasn’t been an easy task but I’m determined to keep at it until my passion finally becomes my day job.”

Soak that in for a moment. As much as we have said that “No Time” is not an excuse, it is important to note that in life you will always be confronted with the need to make trade-offs. Following through with that idea/vision will cost you some leisure time, it may cost you sleep and other material things. Success comes at a cost, are you willing to pay the price?


 The Glam you see doesn’t just appear; it is BUILT

Funto started by organizing gatherings in her sitting room for teenage girls in her church back in 2011 which then metamorphosed into LACE (Ladies After Christ’s Example) which she co-founded with her friend.

After Funto graduated from Covenant University she went to a make-up school while awaiting NYSC. During that period, she read a lot of books on beauty and noticed all of them talked only about physical beauty neglecting beauty from within. Funto then started sending BBM broadcast messages on beauty tips that focused on both inner and outer beauty. It was the feedback she received after each broadcast that encouraged her to over a period of 3 months put all the tips into a book now known as Beautified. It then took her 9 months to edit and publish the book.

Houses are built by laying Block upon block. You don’t appear big, you grow big. Even Jesus according to the bible grew in wisdom and in stature. Don’t kid yourself thinking that you will have just one hit and become a famous successful woman. You have to build that success by taking little steps. It’s not just about resources, just like Funto, you must start with what you have in your hand. The huge beautified network today started from her gathering teenage girls from church in her living room. The wonderful Beautified book started from simple BBM Broadcasts. Begin where you are

Also worthy of note is the fact that Funto Ibuoye is a strong and unashamed Christian who attributes all of her success and accomplishments to the grace of God.  If she can have accomplished this much riding on the same grace available to you and me at the young age of 26, the clock is ticking ladies; it’s time to act.

This post was culled from the Thresh woman WCW Column. The ThreshWoman WCW is a column I manage with the goal to celebrate and encourage the successes of women all around the world while inspiring other women to chase their dreams fiercely. 


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