My Best Friend

My Dearest Jesus…

He pays more attention to detail than any other person I know.
He knew I wouldn’t get to walk with him physically
He knew a time would come when I’d long to hold his hands
He knew I would long to lean on his bosom just like John did
He knew I would long to see him smile
He knew I would long to touch his hair
He knew I would have lonely nights where I’d want nothing more than to hug him and cry
He knew…
And then He thought to himself
What do I give my Precious child?
How do I remind her every second that I’m always with her?
Who do I assign to walk with her through life’s way?
Just then, He remembered his own life’s journey
He remembered his own long time friend and partner
He decided to give me the one who saw him through his walk on earth
One with the most gentle and beautiful heart
The greatest companion and most reliable friend
He gave me the Holy Spirit
He gave me a wonder to help me along life’s way
And now here on earth I don’t feel the absence of Jesus
The Holy Spirit is here with me
Now I have someone to walk with, lean on, touch…
Thank you Jesus
For Introducing me to my Best-friend.

Yours in Grace,
Sinmisola NY


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