Keep Your Business Private

See, not every Susan or Tope or Harry or Tomiwa you call your friend is really your friend. Some people just have bad intentions, are envious and constantly looking to find something to use against you. Sweetheart, it’s high time you accept this.
It sounds very harsh but its the truth and the faster you live in this reality the better for your life. For someone like me, I love LOVE! Not just romantic love but love generally. I like to embrace people, make you feel special and I accept people faster than I should and this has caused a lot of problems for me. Friends have betrayed me tooooo many times in different degrees and now I have decided to adjust things. 
I am tired of being surprised and I think you can learn from this too.
I mean, “friends” have spread false news about me, told lies against me and given me upside down advice. Thank God however cause as a result of my past experiences, I can smell “bad belle” from a distance and I choose my friends so very carefully now.
On the other hand I have friends who have been better to me than I have been to myself. So it’s all the grace of God really. I always say, True friendship is a gift!!  I can tell you this because I have a couple of massive gifts from heaven.
But regardless we all just learn to keep your business private. You cant have more than 3 people you tell sensitive things about your life and 3 is even stretching it. It’s just not good for your emotional health my friend. For someone like me who’s mouth can go on like a running tap this rule is particularly hard to apply however I am trying my hardest and I hope you do the same.
If I had known this about 5 years before now, I wouldn’t have cried as many times as I have in the past. Even the bible says guard your heart with all diligence, so guard all the business that concerns your heart with diligence too.
Yours in Grace,
Sinmisola NY.

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