I HATE TO SHARE. I really really hate to share.
I have no problem sharing material things, but I hate sharing things like titles, friends, family, positions anything that has to do with some thing I hold dear sentimentally.
I really hate it!!! I hate it so much I always want to cry when I’m not getting FULL attention even when I know the person I’m being forced to share with isn’t out to take away what I feel is “mine”.
I know its a terrible bad thing but I don’t know how to stop feeling this very sad way when attention is moved from me.
It makes me just want to go into a shell like a turtle because it hurts less when I let go of my teddy bear is compared to when its “taken” away from me.
I really hate the feeling and I’m praying that soon I get over this blood sucking Illness. Because an Illness is what this is 😦
For now though, I know that it’s an area of development and I’m determined to get over it ASAP!! I’m not sure what the cure of this sickness is but I fight back the tears and sour feelings as much as I can when it comes over me.

I’ve learnt that having the strength to admit your weakness is what makes you strong enough to overcome them. I dare you to do the same today.

Yours in Grace,
Sinmisola NY.


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