I do not price compliments about my physical appearance very high
Until this moment I didn’t have an answer to the question “Why”?
I’ve finally realized why
I’ll tell you 
They’re pleasant to hear
They make me smile but only for a while
I do not value such compliments because when people speak of my physical appearance particularly my face
They speak of something outside my reach
They speak of something I cannot see
When I look in the mirror I do not see the beautiful eyes that you see 
When I look in the mirror, I do not see how the gap between my teeth is attractive 
When I look in the mirror I do not see how my nose is the perfect size according to some. 
What is a perfectly sized nose anyway?
I’m blind to those external features 
When my eyes hit the mirror the only thing I look at is my soul. 
I look at how much I’ve grown
I look at how much good I’ve done
I look at how much investment I’ve made in myself 
I look at how much of Gods words I have obeyed 
I look straight into my heart.
When people compliment my intelligence
When they compliment my words
When they compliment my actions and gestures 
They’re complimenting that which is within my reach. 
I did not work for the beautiful face you see before you. 
God gave me that for free. 
It’s like one of the talents he spoke of in the book of Matthew. 
Dwelling on a talents worth at the time it’s handed to you is lazy.
What matters is what you have been able to achieve with that which was given. 
What matters is what you have been able to nurture and grow with the seeds God put in your hands. 
And so compliments about my work is what I value. 
My best compliments are compliments about my heart… my soul… my spirit.
I dare say this is rightly so. 
Sinmisola NY.

2 responses to “Compliments”

  1. Sinmisola, this is so me that I couldn’t keep from commenting. This is about the third time I’ve been here today because I was reminded about a line or the other from this.

    I’ve always hated compliments about my looks and appearance which I did not work for or did nothing to earn especially when such compliments are limited to just looks and nothing of actual worth or import to me and I’m supposed to be over the moon about them.The younger version of myself was so intent on disregarding them that for a long time, I went out of my way to hide them.

    Much like you, I’m more interested in compliments that speak to/of the work I’ve done, my progress, positive values I’ve actually put thought and action into imbimbing and the work that goes into becoming me.

    I’d love to repost this and I hope that’ll be fine with you.

    Keep doing great things. 🙂


    1. Great minds certainly do think alike!! Yes of course you can repost.. just give proper reference.
      Thank you so much!!


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