A trip down memory lane

I’m fast to forget my past experiences

Particularly the negative ones

But today in a rare moment

In one very FAST second

The old but familiar mixed emotions rush in

And then I remembered

I remembered all that we felt

I remembered all that we wished we would be

I remembered everything

The pain

The joy

The sorrow

The laughter

The end

How the tears rolling down my cheeks felt; hot

I remembered what it felt like to have loved and lost

I thought I was completely over you

I thought the scars were faded

I thought I was fine

I thought right

I am 

But today I remembered 

How we hurt me deep

How that the scars of deep wounds never leave without a trace

You uncovered those faded scars today

You reminded me again to be careful with my heart

In that quick second

I remembered where we had been

And why I must never go back there

With you or anyone else

Thanks for reminding me.

Sinmisola NY.


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