You are No Cinderella

God has been too faithful. Looking back at the years past, I march forward in eager anticipation because Gods mercies and grace on my life literally double up each new year.
Here’s an article I wrote for a blog almost three years ago, I think you might like it. I didn’t make any alterations (which was very hard) even to the text size and title. Simply because you deserve complete transparency.
Also the image below is a throwback from the same year
Enjoy! P.S The story line was pure fiction.


“You are No Cinderella” That statement echoed over and over again in my head. I and my boyfriend had a very heated argument and all I could remember was this! It threw me aback and even now a week after I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.

                I have been a sucker for love stories for as long as I can remember. I believe I have an Adam from whose rib I was created, a prince charming who would hold on to my shoe until he finds me, I was so engrossed in fairy-tales that making my life one became my sole ambition. Unconsciously, I had resolved that “living happily ever after” meant success. Only for him to imply that I am not worthy of that success! Yes that’s exactly what that means. But as I sat in my room in rage it hit me, I had been setting ridiculous standards that even I didn’t match up to. I was so concerned about him doing all the right things that I didn’t stop for a moment to check if I was deserving of them.

                I wanted an Edward whereas I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my humanity for “love”, I wanted a Troy whereas I was a sharpay, I wanted a jack who would give up his life just so I can live whereas I would never date someone below my social class, I wanted a Prince charming whereas unlike Cinderella I would’ve shot my step mother and gone to jail rather than act like a fool humbly serving her in my father’s house, I wanted a Noah whereas I would never give up financial security like Ally to continue a summer romance.

                He was right; I was a selfish girl desiring a selfless lover, asking him to do things which I could never do for anyone. And just then a light bulb lit in  my head, and this scripture came to mind Proverbs 18:24a “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly” If I want a prince charming I must focus on making myself into a Cinderella and he will come. Because our attitudes and character determine the type of people we attract and also the side of people we pull out. Reality had just set in.

Yours in Grace,

Sinmisola NY.


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