We are liveeee!!

You are very welcome to my new cyber home. I said new cyber home because I had a previous home here but now that my income has increased, I’ve decided to move from that rented apartment to a much better and classier house with my name on it (lol.. I’m sorry I still make all these weird analogies that sometimes don’t connect x_x). Anyhoo, I’m reallyy excited to be here! There’s so much I have to share. As some of my close friends and past blog readers might know, I’m one of those people who think on paper, so I always have stuff written down both physically in journals and virtually on my laptop and Mitch (a.k.a my phone). I know fully well that our gifts and insights are meant to be shared and not hoarded in a box for safe keeping and so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing here, sharing them all. It’s my prayer that these columns will be a source of true inspiration and encouragement for each and every member of the SinmisolaNY community from the readers to “commenters” and “shareres” including even myself the writer. I’m very enthusiastic about this and I hope you are too!

Yours in grace, Sinmisola NY.


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